What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

When I started working as a lawyer, I was desperately trying to avoid going to court. Now you may think, isn’t that a good thing? In business it definitely is, but my motivation was different.  I was afraid that I … Continue Reading →


One of the reasons why I don’t have to drag myself into work is because my colleagues are interesting and fun.  From time to time we send each other funny cartoons, watch silly videos on youtube or ride bikes through … Continue Reading →

You are more awesome than you think

A few months ago, I attended a personal development training weekend with work. We were divided in small groups where we had to talk about our personal achievements and success stories. Good thing that we had time to prepare the … Continue Reading →

This is not my work, this will be ours…

I have fantastic female friends. They not only inspired me to start this blog, but they also enrich my life in so many ways that wherever I am, I have the sense that I am continually being supported and carried … Continue Reading →

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